NewWrinkleWoman is for women who demand a paradigm shift on what it means to be an older person in our society.

Who is a New Wrinkle Woman?

She knows the true power of her worth.

She is focused on the present moment.

She stands in her authenticity.

She derives power from within.

She has the wisdom and courage to counter the messages that block her growth.

Every woman of a certain age has seen the bombardment of anti-wrinkle cream ads to the well-placed images of “before and after” cosmetic surgery in newspapers, magazines and online. Even if you tune out media, you can’t help but feel the pressure of our youth-obsessed culture in everyday conversation.

Many women report they feel anxious and panic-stricken when they hit their middle years, thinking they will soon become invisible. Each year Americans spend $12 billion on cosmetic procedures. It’s a perfect storm of greed and desire.

NewWrinkleWoman offers mature women a paradigm shift…we have the money, talent, wisdom and experience to show what is possible. We are an influence and an inspiration to younger women who aspire to continue on a journey that benefits the world.

Can you imagine what 150 million women can do if we change our minds?


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