Valentines Present to Yourself

Valentines Day is the perfect time to think about love.  Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you can always love yourself.  Let’s take this day and accept ourselves the way we are.  We do not need to be better or do more to get and give love.  We are all seeking this joyous emotion and it’s in us at all times.

Let’s give ourselves a break today and not think about how we wish we were younger and had fewer wrinkles. Let’s just be ok with who we are, relax and focus on our inner-strength, courage and power.

This is the kind of message I was looking for when I hit my middle years.  Sadly, we are besieged by a dizzying display of images and advertisements that tell us are best days are behind us.  To counter this view, I decided make a film called New Wrinkle.  My hope is to create a new dialogue that will soften the fear of growing older.

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