San Francisco Anchorwoman Goes Gray on-the-air

I recently interviewed KPIX TV anchor Dana King. She caught my attention after watching the 11 p.m. news one night.  Now I normally avoid the local news as I was a TV news reporter for about a decade, and watching murders and fires no longer interests me.  But the particular story King was reporting on, was right up my alley.  It was an entire segment on why she decided to let her hair go gray.  She had gotten so many emails from viewers concerned about her appearance that she actually had to dedicate a portion of the news to explain her reasoning behind it.  Some people thought she was ill, others wrote her angry emails saying she looked horrible.

All this fuss over a few gray hairs fascinated me.  I knew I had to reach out to King and interview her for my new documentary, New Wrinkle.  It proved to be a wonderful interview with King opening up about how difficult it was for her to stop dying her hair.  The pressure to stay young and gorgeous on-the-air is immense, however, King said she simply wanted her looks to match her experience, not unlike her male gray co-anchor.  This simple act was not easy, and I believe King is a role-model for other women who deserve the respect of their years.  [wpvideo ie5B4mHJ]

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