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Rising Above Agism at Work — Perfect time to Reinvent

Why is it that a 54 year old woman is at her peak when running for the president of the United States, someone like senator Kamala Harris, and a woman of the same age, who is trying to get a simple paper-pushing job at a so-so company, is told she’s too old to compete? “Really?” she asks. All my years of honing my craft, building my experience and getting more and more fabulous doesn’t matter?

Ageism is alive and well in the workforce and it can be a real soul crusher for women in their middle years.

As a woman who has had several careers and had to reinvent myself many times (reporter, public relations professional, videographer, and career consultant), I can tell you there is a way out of the too old to work trap.

No matter if you’re getting back into the game, wanting to reinvent yourself or just desiring to live a more passion-filled life, the forties+ are a time to go for it. What are you waiting for?

Since I started New Wrinkle Woman, I’ve been counseling dozens of women on how best to use their skills, talents and passions to live the next chapter of their lives, a critical time in a woman’s life development to finally achieve a level of authenticity and usefulness. We are no longer living a dress rehearsal folks, this is it.

I offer a combination of practical advice and psychological services. I write resumes, design profiles, conduct interviews and use the latest cognitive behavior technics to get you to the next level. It’s a wrap-around approach that has been getting my clients jobs and the confidence to get out there and do it.

You must evolve and awaken to what you can offer the world. Whether you long to transition to a new career, compete in the workforce or put your talents, knowledge and interests to work in a new direction, let’s get to work.

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