Terri Hardesty

Hi, I’m Terri Hardesty, a former TV news reporter, producer of an Oscar nominated film, the first “anchor woman” to announce Donald Trump’s presidency, communications consultant, videographer and currently creator of New Wrinkle Woman. You can see I am the master of reinvention and have made a success of turning my passions into paying jobs. I have a MA in counseling and am using all my combined skills to help women in their middle years navigate the next chapter of their lives.

I’m on a mission – to deliver a new message, that contrary to popular culture, women of a certain age are at their peak and have the skills, confidence, courage and wisdom to make an impact on our society. I’m not saying younger women don’t have much to contribute, but I know when I was in my 20’s I didn’t have the experience to really own the person I was trying to present. Now I own her and am ready for prime time. Unfortunately, this can be a demoralizing time for many women over 50 who are told through society’s messages (mostly the media culture) that they are no longer sought after, will have a hard time being hired and are no longer attractive to men.

That is why I’ve launched my blog, New Wrinkle Woman, which features women who are at the height of their full potential, whether it be mastering a new craft, knowing more about who they are or running for president of the United States. I also chronicle my own thoughts and feelings about the aging process, which at times can be painful.

This site is also tailored for younger women who will soon find themselves in their middle years without a defense against all the messages they will be bombarded with from the media, friends, family, employers, billion dollar cosmetic and skin care industries, men and their own feelings of what it means to have a few new wrinkles.

My deep love of understanding the human condition more recently drove me to get a graduate degree in psychology and my love of storytelling is still what motivates me everyday to share the thoughts, fears, joy and inspiration that connects us as humans.

Who is a New Wrinkle Woman

NewWrinkleWoman is for women who demand a paradigm shift on what it means to be an older person in our society.

Who is a New Wrinkle Woman?

She knows the true power of her worth.

She is focused on the present moment.

She stands in her authenticity.

She derives power from within.

She has the wisdom and courage to counter the messages that block her growth.

Every woman of a certain age has seen the bombardment of anti-wrinkle cream ads to the well-placed images of “before and after” cosmetic surgery in newspapers, magazines and online. Even if you tune out media, you can’t help but feel the pressure of our youth-obsessed culture in everyday conversation.

Many women report they feel anxious and panic-stricken when they hit their middle years, thinking they will soon become invisible. Each year Americans spend $12 billion on cosmetic procedures. It’s a perfect storm of greed and desire.

NewWrinkleWoman offers mature women a paradigm shift…we have the money, talent, wisdom and experience to show what is possible. We are an influence and an inspiration to younger women who aspire to continue on a journey that benefits the world.

Can you imagine what 150 million women can do if we change our minds?

About Terri Hardesty

Terri Hardesty is a Bay Area filmmaker: former award-winning TV news reporter and producer of an Oscar-nominated documentary. She is passionate about bringing to the forefront cultural issues that are ignored in the mainstream media. Combined with her love of journalism, she is fascinated by human behavior and holds a master’s degree in psychology.

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