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2020 Vision

The year 2020 is about seeing clearly, getting focused and sharpening the mind. It’s the year to step out of comfort zones and into action. This is no longer a dress rehearsal. The opening act is here and now, in this moment. Time to wipe off that blurry lens and get laser clear about where you want to go.

You are ready just as I am to take on this important quest to renew your spirit and live your potential.

You know that person is in there even though she may have been distracted for years or even decades taking care of others or limiting her wants and desires to fit into a culture based on consumerism and superficiality.

Procrastination is the enemy of creativity. It puts you in a space where you are spinning your wheels; a void where negative thoughts seep in and you are looking for an escape. This is why many people fall into addictions and distractions that create hopelessness, despair and the feeling like you are wasting what could be the most productive years of your life.

I admit, I’m addicted to reading self-help books. I think If only I read a little more, memorize one more inspirational quote, acquire a new tool set, then I can start writing. I’ve even read books on procrastination just to keep procrastinating.

Well, that was so 2019. In 2020 I’m putting down my books and communicating what I’ve learned with the goal of helping others. That is my 2020 vision. What’s yours?

Here are 20 steps that I found most useful in creating a 2020 vision.

Rid yourself of distractions – You won’t have time to work on your goal if you are living in a world of distractions. And that’s all too easy in our high-tech, media frenzied world. Don’t let the constant noise from the outside dictate what your inside wants from you.
Release your ego – While you bring a unique talent and perspective to the world, you are not the center of the universe. I know, shocker. By being humble you stay open-minded and listen to your inner voice not to mention what other people have to say.
Discipline your mind – Where attention goes, energy flows. Know what you want to think about and practice letting other thoughts go, especially negative ones.
Take simple and persistent efforts everyday to move toward your passion, even if you are “not in the mood.”
Face discomfort – Do what Eleanor Roosevelt said: Do one thing every day that scares you. Our minds don’t like change and therefore keep us trapped in a comfort zone and routine that limits our aliveness. Challenge yourself to take on a task that is different even if it’s just taking a new route to the store.
Drop your story – You are not your past history. You’ve created an identity that might be outdated, stilted or even worse, false. In the present moment you are able to create a new you that is free from the roles you’ve given yourself over the years.
Let go of things that don’t serve you – you lose your power when you give it away to things that don’t matter. Many people cling to people, places and things that waste their time and energy. Whether someone cuts you off in traffic or a friend who likes to gossip, don’t invest your inner resources on outer trivialities.
Question why you are doing something – You have a great idea but maybe it’s for the wrong reasons. Question if the action would move you closer to your vision, keep you stuck or move you backwards.
Tune-in to your higher self – You intuitively know what’s good or bad for you. It’s through social conditioning, societal messages or fear that keeps you from acting on your own behalf. Let the quiet inner knowing guide you on your path.
Surround yourself with people who challenge or inspire you – People you hang out with can influence and motivate you to want to live up to your potential.
Cultivate humor – Life can be more enjoyable than you think if you learn to lighten up. TV sitcoms have nothing on some of the antics we create everyday in our real lives. Laughing stokes your creative flames and allows you to have more fun in the process.
Build courage – Don’t let fear hold you back. Instead of waiting for someone else to do something, take it on yourself. Stand for the thing that you passionately believe in. Stop keeping it to yourself; please share it with the world.
Resist taking things personally – Humans tend to care a lot about what other people think of us. The truth is most are usually thinking about themselves, their life situations, problems, and to-do-lists. How people react is about what they are experiencing. Relax and go full-steam ahead on your vision.
Meditate to clear the mind – Take a few minutes everyday to disconnect with your mind. Busy brains can often create haphazard decisions and actions. When we learn to calm the mind we have a better chance of making better decisions that will give us direction.
Sleep well for productivity – You are most productive when your body is well rested and ready to tackle a new day. The seven or eight hour downtime leaves you with renewed creative energy and will put you in a good mood.
Eat healthy – Think about what you are putting into your body every day. Fruit and vegetables aren’t just good for your body, they feed your natural urge to create.
Exercise to motivate – If you are feeling stagnant or find yourself in a dark place, move your body. A cardio workout can super charge your creativity and boost your self-esteem. It produces endorphins so you feel motivated to take on a challenge.
Limit alcohol and other drugs – Now is not the time to dull your mind. You need more than ever to have clarity. Substances cloud your vision and hold you back. They destroy your productivity and make you a passive participant in your own life.
Journal everyday – As soon as you get out of bed, grab your favorite pen and start writing in your journal. Don’t edit or think much, just get it out. It’s pure expression – just what you need to set you on the right path to a focused vision.
Get out in nature – Reward yourself with time outdoors. Your active mind needs a break and could benefit from a fresh perspective in nature.
Tune into the natural environment that surrounds you without listening to podcasts, music or phone conversations. The downtime can actually be uptime for creativity.
Develop mindfulness – Everything you do is in the moment. Yet our brains like to push you backwards and pull you forward. Focus deeply on the one task you are doing at a time. This will create a path of freedom and joy in the moment.
Practice Gratitude – And yes, it is a practice since many of us are so used to comparing ourselves to what others have. We can choose to be content with what is already in our lives. When we are grateful we get a clear vision for what we want to create rather than compete.

With all this in mind it’s time to go deep inside yourself and pull out the thing you most want to express to the world. It’s your 2020 Vision. Happy New Year!

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